St Serfs Players - Past Plays 



2024      SCDA Edinburgh 1 Act Festival - Nickers (Program) (Photos)
             Curtain Up! (Program) (Poster) (Photos)

2023      SCDA Edinburgh 1 Act Festival - Socks (Program) (Photos)
             Odds, Broads & Frauds - 3 One Act Plays
                                   (Socks, Day Trippers and Gilly's Gem) (Program) (Poster) (Photos)                            Hansel and Gretel (Program) (Poster) (Photos) (Review)

2022      Wife After Death (Program) (Poster) (Photos)  
                   Cinderella (Program) (Poster) (Photos) (Snaps)

2021      Jack and the Beanstalk  (Program) (Poster) (Photos)

2020      Aladdin by Zoom (Video)

2019      Red Riding Hood  (Program) (Photo) (Poster)

2018      The House on the Cliff  (Program) (Photo) (Poster)
              Aladdin         (Program) (Poster) (Photo)

2017      The Haunted Through Lounge and
                                Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle
                                                             (Program) (Photo) (Poster)
             The Wonderful Story of Mother Goose
                                                           (Poster) (Program) (Photos)

2016      Erica and Me
                            (SCDA Edinburgh District) (Program) (Photo)
             Triple Decker Comedy (Program) 
             Little Boy Blue  (Program) (Photo)

2015      Old Folk and Please Release Me
                               (SCDA Edinburgh District) (Photo)
              Wild Goose Chase (Program) (Poster) (Photo)
              Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates
                                              (Program) (Poster1) (Poster2) (Photo)

2014       The Crying Dame and Over His Dead Body
                               (SCDA Edinburgh District) (Program)  (Photo)
               It Runs In The Family  (Program) (Photo)
               Cinderella (Program (Poster) (Photo)

2013       Scent of Honeysuckle and You Really Got Me
                              (SCDA Edinburgh District) (Program)  (PHOTO)
                              (SCDA Eastern Division) (Program)
                              (SCDA Scottish Final) (Program)
               The Steamie (Program)  (Poster) (PHOTO)
               Hickory Dickory Dock (Program)  (Poster) (Photo)

2012       The Mystery Tour and Imperfect Strangers
                                               (SCDA Edinburgh District) (Program)
               The Mystery Tour  (SCDA Eastern Division)  (Program)
               Blithe Spirit (Program)  (Poster)  (PHOTO)
               Frankenstein the Panto  (Program)  (Poster) (PHOTO) 

2011       Gloria's Angel, This Santa Thing 
                      and Alas Poor Geoffrey (SCDA Edinburgh District)
               Alas Poor Geoffrey (SCDA Eastern Division) (Program)
               No Dinner For Sinners (Program) (PHOTO)
               Sinbad the Sailor (Program) (Poster) (PHOTO)

2010       One Day I Met Myself Coming Home(SCDA)
                                                                    (Program) (PDF2) (PHOTO)
               'Two Dreadings and a Funeral' (Program)  (PHOTO)

                  (Gloria's Angel, This Santa Thing, Alas Poor Geoffrey)
                Treasure Island (Program) (PHOTO)
                Aladdin (Program) (PHOTO)

2009       The Killing of Sister George (SCDA) (Program) (PHOTO) 
               The Camel's Back (Program) (PHOTO) 
               Goody Two Shoes (Program)  (PHOTO)

2008       Ae Fond Kiss (SCDA) (Program)
               Tiptoe Through the Tombstones (Program)
               Cinderella (Program) (PHOTO)

2007       Tomb with a View (Program)  (PHOTO)
               Hansel and Gretel (Program) (Photos)
               Cleaners (SCDA)  (Program) (PHOTO)

2006       The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe (Program) (Photos)
               The Housewarming (SCDA) (Program)
               'From Comedy to Drama' (Program)
                        (Gilly's Gem, A Sunny Afternoon in Spring,
                                                                The Housewarming)

2005       Red Riding Hood (Program)  (PHOTO) 
               Have a Nice Day (SCDA) (Program)
               'A Twist of Fate' (Program) (PHOTO)
               (Mary, Mary, Have a Nice Day, Burnt Offering)

2004       Caramba's Revenge (Program)  
               Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (Program) (Photos)
               'Community Drama' (Program) (Photos)
                      (The Church Meeting, Holmes Sweet Holmes,
                                                   Cards, Cups and Cystal Ball)

2003       Curtain up on Murder (Program) 
               Sleeping Beauty (Program) (Photos)

2002       House on the Cliff (Program) (Photos)
               The Wonderful Story of  Mother Goose (Program) (Photos)
               'Community Drama' (Program) (Photos)
                             (Audience, A Fine Gentleman, Easy Stages)

2001       The Camel's Back (Program)  (PHOTO)
               Babes in the Woods (Program) (Photos)

2000       Snow White  (Program) (Photos)
               'History to Mystery' (Program) (Photos)
                             (Henry hereafter, Oracle Oak)

1999       The Pied Piper (Program) (Photos)
               'An Entertaining Evening' (Program) (Photos)
                    (From Five to Five-Thirty, Noah's Ark,
                            Twa Auld Men Chatting, Still Waters)

1998       Ladies In Retirement (Program) (Photos)
               The Wizard of Oz (Program) (Photos)

1997       Busybody (Program) (Photos)
               Beauty and the Beast (Program)  (Photos)
               St Serf's Church Show (Program)
                        (The MacStanes of Holyrood Park)

1996       Jack and the Beanstalk (Program) (Photos)
               'Haggis and Chop Suey' (Program)
                    (The Broken Band, The Singing Maid, Farewell Ploy)

1995       White Sheep of the Family (Program)
               The Sleeping Beauty (Program)
               St Serf's Church Show
                        (Disorder in Court)

1994       Rumpelstiltzkin  (Program)
               'Three Courses' (Program) (Photos)
                     (Hullabaloo, The Passing of Cleverclogs, Halloween)

1993       The Happiest Days of Your Life (Program) (Photos)
               Aladdin (Program)  (Photos)

1992       Beyond A Joke (Program) (Photos)
               Quest For A Golden Key (Program) (Photos)

1991       The Tax Payer's Waltz (Program)
               The Witch and The Wiffler (Program) (Photos)

1990       Nightmare (Program) (Photos)
               Man Alive (Program)  (Photos)

1989       A Murder Has Been Arranged (Program) (Photos)
               Quest For The Whooperdink (Program)  (Photos)
               Whaups at Midnight (KDF) (Program)

1988       The Pied Piper (Program) (Photos)
               40th Anniversary Readings (Program) 
Three One Act Plays January (Still Waters,
                       (The Recco and The Oracle Oak)  (Program)
               Three One Act Plays April (Mary! Mary!, From Five to
                        (Five Thirty and Whaups at Midnight)

1987      The Secret Tent (Program)
              From Five to Five-Thirty (KDF)  (Program)

1986       A Tomb With A View  (Program)
              Rumpelstiltzkin (Program)
              One Hour to Dusk (KDF) (Program)

1985      Snow Bound (Program)
              Pinocchio (Program)
              Mary, Mary (KDF) (Program)

1984      Busy Body (Program)  (Photo)
              Aladdin (Program)
              At the Changing of the Year (KDF) (Program)

1983      Cinderella (Program) (Photos)
             One Hour to Dusk (KDF) (Program)

1982      Relative Values (Program)
              The Wizard of Oz (Program) (Photos)
              The Robe and the Thorn (KDF) (Program)

1981      The House On The Cliff (Program) (Photo)
              Lord Arthur Savile's Crime (Program)
              The Reluctant Debutante  (Program) (Photos)
              Johnnie Cockatoo (KDF) (Program)

1980      Blithe Spirit (Program) 
              Burnt Offering (KDF) (Program)

1979      A Slight Accident (KDF) (Program)

1978      Midsummer Mink (Program) (Photo)
              Mystery at Blackwater(Program)
              The Buchan Trap (KDF) (Program)

1977      Goodnight Mrs Puffin (Program)
              Man Alive (Program)
              The Fish (KDF) (Program)

1976      Wanted One Body (Program)
              Henry Hereafter (KDF) (Program)

1975      The Bride and the Bachelor (Program)
              Whaups at Midnight (KDF) (Program)

1974      Ladies In Retirement (Program)
              Catherine Parr (KDF) (Program)

1973      Murder Mistaken (Program)
             Kirkconnel Lea (KDF) (Program)

1972      The Other Dear Charmer (Program)
               Even Less Legal, The Lovely Silence (KDF) (Program)

1971      Too Soon For Daisies (Program)
              An Evening of One Acts (Program)
                  (A Little Bell for San Marco, The Lovely Silence, 
                                                       and Even Less Legal)  

1970      We'll Go No More A'Reivin (KDF)(Program)
              An Evening of One Acts (Program)
                    (Surprise Package, Save the Standard)  

1969      The Cloak (KDF) (Program)
              An Evening of One Acts (Program) (Photo)
                        (Henry Hereafter, Mary, Mary)  

1968      The Happiest Days of Your Life (Program)
              Hallowe'en (KDF)(Program)  

1967      The Chiltern Hundreds  (PHOTO) (Program)
              Rehearsal at Holyrood House (KDF) (Program)
              'Three Faces of Comedy'  (Program)
                   (The Fish. The Trick Cyclist,
                                        and  Rehearsal at Holyrood House)
              An Evening of One Acts (Program)
                   (Hallowe'en, The Neighbours,
                                        and Behind the Lace Curtains)

1966       A Murder has been Arranged (Program)
              Still Waters (KDF)(Program)

1965      The Torch Bearers  (Program)
              Whaups at Midnight (KDF) (Program)
              St Serfs Church Variety Show (Program)

1964      The Hollow (with KCDS) (Program) (Photo)
             St Serfs Church Review 1964(Program)  

1963      Breath of Spring  (Program)  

1962      The Linden Tree (Program)
             An Evening of One Acts(Program)
                      (Tapestry of Shades, Hangman's Noose, Oracle Oak)  

1961      Corinth House  (Program)
             Minister's Monday (KDF) (Program)  

1960      Dow's Doughnuts (Program)
             One of the Twelve (KDF) (Program) 

1959      Love's A Luxury (Program)  

1958      Starched Aprons (Program)  

1957      Blithe Spirit (Program)               Mirage (KDF) (Program)
              Junior Church - Mystic Mirror  (Photos)  

1956      I Have Five Daughters (Program)
             The Old Man of the Mountains (KDF Crusaders) (Program)

1955      Bonaventure (Program)
              The Firstborn (KDF Crusaders) (Program)  
              Purest Monarchy (SCDA) (Program) (Event Program)
              Junior Church - Magic Ruby (Photos)

1954      The Neighbours (SCDA) (Program) (Event Program)
             An Evening of One Acts (Program)
                 (Tickless Time, The Neighbours, Eclipse - KCDS)

1953      Family Circle(Program) 
             The Happy Prisoner(Program)

             Sunday Costs Five Pesos (SCDA) (Program)

1952      The Professor's Love Story  (Program)
              Elizabeth Refuses (SCDA)   (Program) (Final program)
              An Evening of One Acts  (Program)
                      (The Cracked Crown, Peak Reek - KCDS)  

1951       Dear Octopus (Program)

1950       An Evening of One Acts  (Program)
                   (Charity Begins, The Grenadiers)  

1949       An Evening of One Acts (Program)
                   (The Ugly Duckling, In Waltz Time, John Grumlie)

Previously known as Katharakardia

1939       Outward Bound (SCDA) (Program)

1938       The Falconer's Daughter (SCDA) (Program)

1937       Happy Death Ltd (SCDA) (Program)


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