St Serfs Players - History 



St Serf's Players is an amateur club which was formed in 1948 here at Clark Road, Edinburgh and originally performed 2 plays a year in the old tin roofed hall which stood adjacent to the church.

In 1959 the 'new' halls were built and because of the strong connection with the drama group, significant effort was put in to design the halls with drama in mind.

For many years the club has presented three, 3 act plays each year until 1982 when the decision was taken to perform a Christmas show for children. The first of these was THE WIZARD OF OZ and was a great success ---- we have continued to repeat the format every year but building on our experience both from the acting and the staging of the show. It has enabled us to include a wide range of talent across a wide age group and from other community clubs and individuals.

As part of the community, the club is a member of the Scottish Community Drama Association (SCDA) and has taken part in its joint festivals over many years and used to host The Churches' Drama Federation (CDF) winning many awards over the years.

The club has continued to develop its equipment with the upgrading of the lighting and sound equipment to the latest digital standard, installation of a loop system for the hard of hearing and recently investing in new tracking and curtains, with the help of a lottery grant.

The club is an open club and continues to work with other community groups such as The Trinity Theatre Company, which is a local childrens theatre, to help provide stage experience.

A list of all our productions is available on our past productions page  including copies of all our programs and as many photos as we can muster.


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